Thursday, August 04, 2005

Freddie Rulz

Followed a bit of the test match day one on Cricinfo. Without the great Glenn Mcgrath, the Aussie attack was never going to be as menacing, as has been clearly evident in test matches he has missed. The Aussies are REALLY gonna struggle once the great man retires, Warnie notwithstanding. Lee was taken for over six an over, which is just superb. The Poms eventually managed 407 in a day. Couldn't believe this was an English team we were watching here. The slow, boring Poms of yore, playing at a Trumperesque or Bradmanesque pace. Good for cricket, I say! Freddie came into his own and hit Binga for 3 massive ones, apparently. Look forward to catching the highlights at night. Let's see how the Aussies bat tomorrow. Hopefully, it should be a cracker of a test match.


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