Monday, August 08, 2005


I came across this article on Cricinfo, by the "great" Arjuna Ranatunga

"The injury to Sourav Ganguly off a short-pitched delivery will once again raise the old bogey of his weakness. But then the wickets of sub-continent help the fast bowlers with its own vagaries. Unlike Australia or South Africa where the ball comes at even pace and height, the ones in the sub-continent are generally not true. I still carry the image of Ganguly of previous years when he was good at hooking and pulling. "

Oh dear Lord, when?????????????????????? When was he good at hooking and pulling?????????????

Ranatunga adds, "May be he should start doing it more often once again."

Please, Saurav, don't heed his advice. Please spare us the agony of watching a pull shot being played with stiff forearms holding the bat in a tennis grip and arcing it from knee height to shoulder height.

And if you, old dog, are still interested in learning how it's done, watch Dravid do the pulling and Punter do the hooking.


Blogger Minal said...

Ganguly can play short-pitched stuff? Ranatunga has seen him hook and pull when? I'd love to see that moment!

As far as my memory goes and Ganguly started playing since '91 (Remember the infamous Aus tour!)he has been an awkward sight to watch when he tried those shots, exact 180 degrees to the sight he was when he ruled the off-side!

It's so irritating when these so called "experts" get away saying anything just cause they played the game!

12:45 AM  
Blogger Michael Higgins said...

Hi Saurabh
I remember when SG was the number one cricket player in ODI's. His strength was an amazing ability to hit 6's off of spinners. I remember he hit something like 34 runs off of some hapless bowlers (was it Sukhbinder Singh?) in the challenger series maybe 3 or 4 years ago. But he doesn't seem to be the same player today. Getting out to Dilshan?

3:48 PM  
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