Tuesday, October 11, 2005

Of the right way and the easy way

The big IIPM scandal.

The hero
Good to see a man stand by his principles. Way to go Gaurav!

Often, in life when one is offered a choice between the right way and the easy way, one takes the latter. Gaurav didn't and deserves all the kudos coming his way.

I wonder if I would have made a similar choice though. For one, Gaurav seems to be supremely confident of himself and his abilities. I am not. Secondly, I think IBM is too big an entity to be really affected by IIPM burning their laptops. The bad press would go to IIPM, and not to IBM.

But the deed has been done. The die has been cast. And time it is, for everyone to stand in support of Gaurav and Rashmi.


Anonymous Anshul said...

Yeah dude. Its really great that this is happening. High time. Hopefully this goes a long way and makes all schools accountable for what they claim to be. This could just be the revolution the education system in India has been waiting for.

5:23 PM  
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