Friday, July 14, 2006

Cold Playboy

Frome quote.. unquote on cricinfo..

"A few years ago, I was chatting up a girl in a lift and she was not having any of it. She thought I was too tall and geeky and all that and I needed a wing-man. In walked Shane Warne and he was the best wing-man."
Coldplay front man and international heart-throb Chris Martin shows his gratitude to the original player

It's fucking hilarious. My fondness for Warnie just keeps growing. Pure genius at cricket and a complete nutjob when it comes to women. Warnie, don't ever retire, you are the greatest entertainer in the world today, on and off the field; and with the amount of shit happenin' around us, we need the enetertainment. I know I do.


Blogger Ketan said...

Wait KP will slip in his shoes.
I love to watch him bat

2:53 AM  
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