Saturday, August 05, 2006

I apologize Mr Cab Driver

Given my rant last week, I suppose it's only fair that I issue a public apology, for what it's worth, to the cab driver in question. He drove me to office again on Friday morning. LIke I said in the comments section of my previous post on this topic, I couldn't be sure if his behavior was racist or he was simply xenophobic. I was curious to find out and hence drew him into a converrsation. And after this, I knew. The guy's neither racist nor xenophobic. He's just plain bitter. He's 60 years old and has lived in Burlington all his life. He doesn't like thaat cash is being increasingly replaced by plastic, that there are roundabouts in Vermont now, and there are many more traffic lights than there used to be. In other words, what he really fears is change. I looked it up: it's called metathesiophobia. Yeah that's what the guy suffers from. He was not racist at all, and just gives a lot more bottom to my practice of not accusing anyone of something as bad as racism without being absolutely sure. I erred this once, for which, I again apologize.


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