Thursday, November 24, 2005

Shot of the day

BCL hitting Binga to the square boundary to move from 92 to 96. Hail the Master!


Blogger Mary said...

Saw that shot!

How awesome is Brian Lara?!!! The guy is amazing, I was jumping up and down screaming when he got his 200 yesterday afternoon, and this morning I just watched him become the all-time best test run scorer :)) I think I've counted 9 standing ovations given to him by the Adelaide crowd!

8:28 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Finally the Prince reaches the Top. congrats to Brian Charles Lara. a gutsy shot to do it. n it was very apt tht he reached tht record off his nemesis Mc Grath (well it was sweet justice, considerin Lara was one of Mcgrath's hat-trick victims to reach 300 wickts)

i got up early at 6 am just to watch the moment. he had just equalled AB whn i got up, n then 2 balls later he got the record. lucky me.

saurabh, if u r callin up batlya, then take his email id n give it to me.

chal enjoy the moment.

- PK

8:44 PM  

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