Sunday, June 11, 2006

Fanaache Shlok

Happened to catch Fanaa last night. Trust Yash Chopra to stretch and stretch what might have been a half decent story and make crap of it. Seriously sometimes I feel like jamming a red hot poker up his butthole. But I'm nothing if not excellent at making light of one exasperating moment after another, particularly with the lead actors talking in sher-o-shayari for literally half the movie. Also disappointed with the exclusion of Bhajji from the side for the second test, I came up with this gem ( watch out Javed Akhtar). Harbhajan Singh is like proposing to like, uh, a girl, who insists on her guy being an excellent shaayar. So this is what he comes up with :

Tere ishq main hua meri jaan main fanaa
Pehle tha sing, ab hua hoon chanaa

Leaves the stage to the sound of defeaning applause:-)