Sunday, October 22, 2006

You thought cockroaches were the creatures I hated the most..

..but you're wrong. How can cockroaches get such an exalted status when communists exist? Came across this article as I was perusing one of my favorite blogs. Immense anger arises. Wish Bayer made something for their kind.

Friday, October 20, 2006

Azza ki Saza

It is after a really long time that I am writing a post on cricket. My hand pretty much forced by the mad happenings off the cricket field. So the BCCI, as an act of defiance aainst the ICC, is speculating overturning the ban that was imposed on Azhar after the match fixing scandal broke out. The reasons given are:

a) He has served his term so he should be given a chance to live as an honorable citizen in the cricket world again. Wrong! What he did was tantamount to murdering the hopes and interest of thousands of cricket lovers across the country, and if a murder deserves a life sentence at the very least, so does this.

b) Not overturning the ban denies him the right to earn livelihood. Yeah right!

c) Probably the worst reason I've heard though, was the fact that others have wronged as much, but gotten away with it. Seriously? That's your reason? So just because others were not man enough to do the right thing gives you the right to shirk your responsibilities?

There are, to my mind, no two answers. Azza's batting was magic, god-like even. But his days of contributing in any form to Indian cricket are and should stay over.

When hunger strikes...

Make yourself some Tandoori chicken:-)

Like I did on Sunday. Bloody good it was too. The gulab jamuns, Arpan made. They were pretty good too.